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With friends like these who needs … ?

Toward the end of 1975 Australia was embroiled in a constitutional crisis. Citing as justification the alleged all-round incompetence of the Gough Whitlam led Labor Government, the opposition Liberal – National Party alliance used its slender Senate majority to block … Continue reading

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The Song of the Swan (Translation of ‘El Canto del Cisne’ by Horacio Quiroga)

I must confess to a disliking for white swans. I have always likened them to geese, slow moving, bandy-legged and bad-tempered. In Palermo the other day I saw one die without the slightest poetic upset. He was lying on his … Continue reading

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New life near Chiang Rai

Ton was the first resident I met on arriving at the New Life Thai Foundation. It was a fine, hot Saturday afternoon in mid-February and I taxied my way to the complex from Chiang Rai Airport following the short flight … Continue reading

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